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OK I'm off to a bad start, but I kinda thought this might happen... I recently started a new tank, its a 100g shallow reef. The tank has cycled and is ready for fish. In parallel I have been QT'ing a powder blue tang and hippo tang separately for 4 weeks. No sign of ich, so yesterday I made the move and wouldn't you know, I wake up this morning to my powder blue covered in ich. So at this point I have no corals in my display, a couple of clown fish and these 2 tangs. Is the consensus that I should lower my salinity level for 6-8 weeks and feed well? Or is there a medication I should just add to the tank since there are no corals? If I add medication, what should I make sure I do before I start introducing corals to the tank in the future? Thanks in advance for the guidance.

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