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The tank is comming up on 4 years this August.I had two tanks crash before I realized I have to take things slow and let nature take it course. The rock is from Tampa Bay Saltwater picked it up last year. It was cover with Caulerpa but,it all died off and never grew back. I plan on adding some Chaetomorpha when I get my tax check along with some soft corals that grow well in T5.
I do a 20% water change weekly and I have always used tap water without any problem.
Diatoms are an issue sometimes and algae is under control meaning I have none. I keep the fuge 24/7 under light. I have a gorilla crab that came with the rock and it get shrimp twice a week. Overall I am very happy with the tank and knowing what I now know would love to start a new one, but the funds just arn't there.
Thanks for the nice replies. I tell you one thing when I see some of your guys tanks and the way they look I get so jealous, but still the same I'm happy with mine.

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