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There is a clear film on the front of the AFS covering the access points and the Neptune logo. Once removed there are 2 plastic clips, with 2 prongs each, on either side of the USB plugs that need to be released to get the body separated. I got one side released at a time but went slow as not to damage. The screws you see hold the circuit board in place and do not have to be removed to get the AFS apart.

Inside there is a photo interrupter switch that controls operation. When the wheel completes a full turn the switch is tripped by a small piece of plastic on the barrel extending from the body that holds the food drum, motor reverses and the drum returns to home base. I'm not an EE major so trying to figure out why the switch is not operating all the time. Maybe the width of the plastic that blocks the light is to narrow or the interrupter switch is not aligned properly? Still playing with it so stay tuned, any suggestions would be helpful.

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