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Zoa question.

I had my big tank inactive for about 6 years. I kept water in it and everything going all this time. I did not monitor water temp, salinity, nor any lights since there was nothing alive in it. Or so I thought. I had a rock with a colony of Zoa's on it that my daughter found. She started a nano saltwater reef about 6 months ago and was looking for some rock to put into her tank and found this rock with what I thought "use to be" a colony of Zoa's. they were completely closed up and white. I told her what they were and she put them into her tank. about 2 weeks later they started opening up! There are about 20 heads and brown and they look to be as healthy as they were 6 years ago! I never would've believed it. I know this sounds a little hard to believe but it's true. Has anyone else seen this?
My salinity was around 1.01, temps went into the 60's, and no light at all.
I am in the process of getting my tank back up and running. Had to rebuild 3 of my pump motors and replace my protein skimmer motor and I drained everything and just about finished with the cleaning process and then on to filling it back up. Wish me luck!

In wall 240 gallon reef with starfire front, 125 gallon sump, Ca reactor, Kalk reactor, Octoreef 200 skimmer, 2 reeflo pumps moving things around in the display tank.

Current Tank Info: Currently restarting my aquarium from scratch, after being idle for more than 6 years.
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