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Question Is my Xenia ok?

I just bought a Xenia yesterday. It had to come for a 3 hour car ride with me...but it didn't get too cold. There is one branch that's stuck to the plug the other two branches that are attached to eachother were attached to the plug with an elastic band, but when I came home today they must have gotten blown off, or inched their way off I have to wash up, and go after it since it's under some LR right now on the sand.

The colonies aren't open...they're most of the way clenched up. Should they be open already? Am I freaking out too soon?

I bought some Kent Marine ZooPlex to feed the Xenia, is this the right stuff? From my reading I came to the conclusion that aside from mushrooms and zoos (neither of which I want) that the Xenia is the easiest and doesn't require a lot of light, so that's why I got it. I also just read a thread (after searching) that says Xenia don't like to be over 80 degrees and don't like high that true? Maybe that's why they don't like me.

I introduced the Xenia to my tank by floating the bag in the tank while I used a turkey baster to add a small amount of water every 10 minutes or so. When the bag started to get full, I dumped most of the water out, and carried on. The salinity in the bag was 1.020, and I took 3 hours to acclimate. I have the Xenia placed on my highest rock. There is an MJ1200 on the other side of the tank (33g) attached to a Wavemaker that gives the Xenia current, but doesn't thrash it about. I could take a video clip if needed, or a pic of the Xenia to show it's clench...just ask!

Temp 80-81
Salinity 1.026 (calibrated swing-arm hydrometer)
Am ~ Not measurable (Salifert)
Ni ~ 0
Na ~ 3
Phos ~ 0.1 (diatoms are having a hayday right now...)

Tank is 6 weeks old, and this is the first inhabitant.

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