Thread: Is my Xenia ok?
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Hmm...maybe they'll let me return the ZooPlex then...I'll try.

I think I'm going to lose the smallest one. The "stump" cut itself in half (the elastic wasn't very tight), and I found it stuffed into the air hose hole on my PH. It looked ok, but when I took it out the stump was so short that I couldn't elastic it I shoved it into a crevice of one of my LRs, apparently it didn't stay there, and I can't find it now. The medium sized one was hangin on by a string this morning (busy cutting its stump in half too), so I adjusted the elastic...hopefully it doesn't cut there now, or it's screwed too.

However, the largest one which is actually attached all by itself to the frag plug opened up a bit when I turned the lights on this morning. I hope one of them makes it!!!

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