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Dude I think you need to look at a cube. I have a 120 as well and will be downgradeing to a 60 cube becuase of these reasons

-Smaller water changes will be more effective
-only half the space to clean
-only about 2/3 "with sump" the energy consumption
-I will add a vortech powhead w battery backup to reduce
heat/minimize chance of catastrophe
-I will have a little bit of an oversized skimmer off of my 120
-I am looking at getting a rimless 60 cube to maximize on gas
exchange and the fact I won't have to build a canopy and ease
of maintenance

I would seriously look at a 40 to 60 gallon cube with no overflows and no skimmer and consider doing a large 10 day or so 20 to 30 gallon water change. Running without a skimmer though kinda scares me as far as if anything were to die those suckers act as an awesome saftey net.

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