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we're in the middle of a move...we just set up (or at least its been running for a while, now it's being inhabited) our custom 215g FOWLR...stock thus far (moved from varius locals in the house ) 300lbs LR...several Kenya tree (likely soon to be Emporer snacks), mushrooms, leathers...Porcupine puffer, foxface, sailfin tang, powder brown tang, leopard wrasse, longfin bannerfish, emporer angel (juvenile), bi-color angel.

So far as the fish go, the puffer, foxface, sailfin, poder brown, and wrasse have been a happy family for quite some time now. The emporer (Arthur) and the bi-color (Sissy) have been shacked up in my reef for too no longer resmbles a reef...I know, it's my own darn fault...The Heni had been obtained as a group, but apparently he was the "strong" that survived...

Left in the 75g is approx 100lbs LR with a huge leather that our orange/pink skunk clown pair have taken to inhabiting...tons of shrooms...some zoo's...sebae anenome...sand sifting stars/ tail trigger...the trigger will be moving to the 215g.

left in my reef 56g is...well...we'll save that for the reef forum...I'll see what I can do about some pics for you!

__________________ was on sale....I swear...well, I was for sale...and I

Current Tank Info: 56g reef, 215g marine FOWLR/soft corals
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