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Originally posted by mg426
Phosphate reduction/ removal is most likely the answer. Get a refugium with Macro algae and invest in a phosphate reactor.
Exactly as stated above!

you must export the same or more nutrients than you put in. Overfeeding, tap water, high phosphate foods, etc. Use a phosphate reactor with some phosar or ROWA or whatever, and something to lower nitrates like a fuge, AZNO3, or whatever. As you do that, add some cleanup crew like hermit crabs, Tangs, Rabbit Fish, Top crown snails, astrea snails, emerald crab what have you. In the meantime, take a good 1/2 inch hose without any "funnel" on the top;just the hose and suck it (syphon) all down when you do a water change. It works great!

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