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well i started to use a little vinegar with kalk in the top off water. and im really happy with the results. i was never able to get my pH higher then 8.05 because i also run a calcium reactor. now just 2 days later my pH is at 8.25 in the evening, 8.1 in the morning! im really glad i tried vinegar. it really helps dissolve more kalk. i would recommend starting out really slow. i started with 20ml per gal and that was a bit high. water got a slight murky tint to it and i could tell it was an bacteria bloom because my snails were all at the top of the water line trying to get more air. skimmer was going a bit crazy and i can see a real white foam and skimmate coming out. fish didn't look stressed at all. no fast breathing. my over sized skimmer saved the day! i would start off with 5ml per gal and 1tsp kalk just to be safe.



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