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i added just a little vinegar. i think it only dissolved more calcium and bicarbonates. i just know my pH has never been this high before. it was always less then 8.1 because of my calcium reactor. i thought it was only meant to drop pH, and I'm sure it does in higher concentrations of vinegar, but just a little seems to have brought the pH up a bit.

matt_54351 i can see how you could have had a crash from the vinegar. i also had a little bloom from the vinegar but it was gone within a day. good thing i have an over sized skimmer that not only oxygenated the water well but also got rid of some bacteria.

Randy: your not the person to argue with about tank chemistry and especially about something you've write an article on. maybe there are other factors involved, but the only thing i did was add a bit of vinegar and i like the results. i think its a tricky thing to do. if not done right it can have bad consequences like you said.



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