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ive always dosed kalk and used a calcium reactor.
at first, i didn't have a reactor and dosed kalk from an RO tank mixed with kalk. pH never rose above 8.1
i got a reactor that mixed it twice a day with a stir bar and it still didn't rise above 8.1
i took the reactor off line because you said i cant use it with vinegar.
added 20tsp of kalk to 20gal tank of RO water and 400mL of vinegar.
i didn't change the calcium reactor pH, i didn't change the flow rate.
with the vinegar the pH rose higher then before.
i know thats not typical of vinegar use. but i cant figure out what else it could be. im glad my pH is a bit higher now. also my alk rose a bit higher then i wanted it to, 12dKH. i always had it at 10 before. i think ill use even less vinegar and kalk next time i refill the RO tank. maybe reduce it by 20%

it might be that my kalk reactor wasn't giving me fully saturated kalk water.



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