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I'll add my experience with vinegar. I tried exactly what you suggested with a kalk reactor. I added the vinegar in my RO/DI reservoir which then feeds to the kalk reactor. I measured exactly how much vinegar to use for the 5 gallon reservoir and let it go for a week. Everything seemed fine. At the end of the week, when I went to refill the reservoir, it had black mold like substance growing everywhere. Basically, all the bacterial growth occurred in the reservoir as Randy predicted. I'll add my last little point as well. Carbon sources (like vinegar and ethanol) are great for driving bacteria and reducing nutrients but they are in no way selective. I normally dose vodka in my tank in small quantities but recently I imported a small frag from a friend that must have had some cyano on it. If you want to see the brightest red carpet in the world, just mix vodka (or vinegar) with cyano. Now i am a bit at a loss because I want to dose vodka to get rid of the nutrients and thus the cyano, but also the vodka will directly feed the cyano so no can do. Vinegar would have the same effect.

I think mixing kalk and vinegar is just fine but it has to be done appropriately (not in RO reservoir) and there certainly can be negative consequences (proliferation of nuisance bacteria such as cyano).


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