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im going to stir it twice during the day and at least 4 times starting in the evening till morning to hopefully promote a smaller daily pH shift.

thanks for your advice Randy. i have a question if you don't mind.

in my tank adding more kalk always resulted in my sand turning solid.
i first decided to try vinegar for this reason because i understood, and maybe i understood wrong, that if there isn't enough CO2 in the tank to complete the chemical reactor of producing calcium and bicarbonates from lime water, the result will be the bicarbonates turning into carbonate and then the end product will be calcium carbonate which is insoluble. i never experienced a snow affect common with calcium coming out of solution but maybe because slowly the calcium carbonate just deposited on the aragonite in the sand? i was hoping the vinegar will produce calcium acetate and bicarbonates so the limiting factor CO2 wont be a problem anymore because acetate also increases bacterial growth which produces extra CO2 for the chemical reaction to complete. I'm not a chemist and i might have explained it wrong, but if done right and in moderation, can vinegar reduce the hardening of my sand? also if i dose beneficial bacteria like ones found in Ultralith system, can i avoid or at least reduce the chances of having a less desirable bacteria out compete a beneficial bacteria for food and wipe it out?
thanks again for your advice.



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