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If you go back through a ways back you can read my thoughts about it.. but no I don't think a PBT can live in a 4' tank. I bought mine very small to raise up and transfer over to a 6' tank. I'm really trying to get him a 8' tank. If you upgrade your 90 yea a baby will do great in one.. but after a few years (or less) it will be too small.

I got mine from LA. He came in with ich and a few problems... he also got black ich... it was a struggle to keep him alive but he was a fighter and kept trying so I did too. Now he's been 100% healthy for months.

I feed him a mix of everything. He gets dried seaweed a few times a week, in addition to flakes, pellets, frozen and fresh algae. The more variety the better.

Goodluck =)

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