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Originally posted by Cuby2k
I have been very good.

As for me my little heart is easy to delight
I pray that Santa gives me the present he thinks is right.
A xenia start, an acro plug. Not given these much thought.
Just something simple that I would've never bought.

A new truck with king sized tires and southern 6" kit
With bum warming leather seats where I would love to sit?

Nah not for me.

I just pray we think of precious mother Earth
And 2000 years ago a wondrous magical birth.


When my daughter was little she would say "I with you a Mewy Chwismas", and a wish like that from a child is so self fullfilling.

NanoGurl, I with you and yours a Mewy Chwismas.
Awww that was great =) Thank you! Mewy Xmas!!!!!

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