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The Giesmann fixtures are expensive but they are built incredibly well. This fixture is probably 13 years old and is still in very good shape. The materials quality and craftsmanship and attention to detail are superb. The one design shortcoming is that the T5 ballasts are silicones into the fixture which proved difficult to remove without damaging the fixture and there are 4 of them

Almost done, I need some paint to dry before I put it all back together. One of the vent panels had some rust so I put it in the blast box, stripped it down to bare metal primed and painted it white. I only had white. I cut the melted lens into 4 each 7Ē sections and painted them white to conceal the wiring and ugliness at the ends, should be another 1/2 hr before they are dry enough to handle.

And here it is all done and ready to hang over the tank

The only issue is that I couldnít get the aqua surf to predictably dim the lights. I could get them on sometimes, dim to about 20% sometimes and to flicker most times. I tried using ramp command and profile and then I tried using tables. I donít know if my aqua surf is defective or if I got a miswired APEX adapter but the only way I got a full 10V was from one lead from channel 1 ad another lead from channel 2. I hope I donít need to buy a VDM although it would be less adapters and less cables and forward compatible if I ever upgrade my classic.

Originally posted by yellowslayer13:

"I hate that hole"

Current Tank Info: SCMAS Member 225 peninsula euroreef RS180 Apex 400W X 3 20k radiums / Spectra mixed SPS
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