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Excel Spreadsheet for Reef Aquarium Logging

Member crumbletop and I have developed this spreadsheet to help with keeping a log of tank conditions, water parameters, addtives, and changes in livestock. I've posted it in the "New to the Hobby" forum here, but wanted to share it over here as well. It is fairly simple, but we hope you find it useful. Feel free to give us any feedback or suggestions.

The .zip file is attached, while the unzipped excel is available for download here (too large to attach).

Here are some features which I think make it useful:

1. There is a place to put additives and the quantity used. This list can be customized under the "Lists" worksheet.

2. The normal ranges for each water parameter are listed under "Lists" and can be customized. Values outside of this range are highlighted in yellow to indicate undesirable levels.

3. You can choose the units of temperature (F or C) and alkalinity (dKH or meq/L) via a drop-down list on the column title bar units. This will change the normal ranges to the indicated units.

4. There is some basic data validation, such as checking for numbers in appropriate fields.

5. You can delete a column if you never test for that item.

6. Entries are stored in rows rather than columns to make it easy to enter lots and lots of entries.

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