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ICH Treatment and Hypo Salinity

All valid points another options that I'm surprised has not be discussed is the Hypo salinity method. I have had a 75 reef for a while and in the beginning I had to battle the dreaded ICH. However, after talking with my LFS I did a little research and decided that this was the least aggressive treatment with a relatively high success rate. All that is required is multiple water changes over 2-3 days to lower your tank salinity to around 1.009-8 range. This level must be maintained for roughly 1 month or until all signs of spots are gone (beyond the initial die off as this is simply a stage in the ICH life cycle.) Being that ICH is a simple parasite it can't adapt to the swing in salinity as your fish can and will die. Once your fish have been spot free for around a month you can slowly adjust the salinity back up to the normal 1.025-26 level and observe. This method will save the heartache of losing fish and the pain staking process of removing fish to QT.

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