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You're not hijacking, you're giving feedback and adding ideas, I appreciate that. I wanted to add a calculations sheet...I'm surprised it took this long for someone to bring it up. I was thinking that no one really wanted or needed it and was not going to add it unless some folks said they would like it.

The gallon conversion table is really easy, I could have that done in about 2 minutes. The recommended dosage for 2 part would be easy as well, I just need the formula. BRS has the formula and calculator on their site already, I would just need to help from the community to get the numbers because I am not currently dosing 2 part and have not needed to use such calculation. I would also need some numbers to work with on the flow calculations.

Conditional formatting can be added to anything, I just need some feedback on what everyone would like to see. I had conditional formatting on this sheet for all the parameters...if they were close to tolerances the box would highlight yellow, on target was a green box, out of tolerance was red. I felt like it might be overkill and I took it off before releasing it. That being said if it is something people would like to have on there it is very easy for me to make those changes, all I need is community feedback...and help with formulas for some of the calculations.


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