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Can't believe I missed this thread. A GIGANTIC thank you, this is most excellent! Your constant work to help many reefers is admirable.

I did manage to pick up a couple of pumps. I'll post pics and notes in the thread when I get a chance.

For everyone else - my biggest issue with my reef was controlling the effluent due to the valve clogging and making the alk fluctuate. It actually drove me to fall back to FOWLER at one point. These pumps ARE WORTH EVERY DIME. I set it up, turned it onto 50ml a minute, and set the AP regulator to 30 BPM. Bam, stable ALK/CA instantly, on first try, and haven't touched it since setting it up. Alk is 133 to 135 on Hanna refractometer every time.

Next project is to set the Ph controller to shut off at 6.2, and tweak the ellfuent and BPM rates to hold it at my target Ph, which presently is 6.8.

More later.

Thanks again Mark!


C Dub

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