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Originally Posted by meshwheel View Post
Thanks CW! Yea, I am thinking it's going to work too. I am going to give it a go. Once the units pressurized I am thinking I will get a steady effluent from the water exit on the reactor.
I sent some questions to about their super duper gauges and doser/timer. I asked if the unit was China made. The guy continually dodged the question!!!!! Not good. If he knew or thought China parts had a bad rap, he would not be dodging the questions. TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL IN MY OPINION!!!! He will not be getting my business. TOTAL MONEY GRUBBERS.....
I have set them up and ran them before without their unit, I can do it again.
Thanks for the help!
I wouldn't get worked up about that at all. I recently got the AP Carbon Doser regulator. It IS worth it. It IS made in China, IIRC. It DOES work really well.

Others will chime in, but it is good stuff. Right in there with the CP Pumps as the best piece of reef gear I have.


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