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Originally Posted by tkeracer619 View Post
For those with Korallin reactors this is a diagram I drew up(most reverse flow reactors will be similar). If the reactor is not setup in this fashion you might run into problems. Standard flow reactors should be hooked up in a conventional manner.

I recommend using the peristaltic to pull through the reactor and not push as you might have seen me state in previous posts. These pumps can overwhelm the orings on most reactors if the output gets clogged. Pulling on the effluent is safer.

If I understand correctly, you have your pump hooked up to the Effluent output port? I have the Korallin 1502 and am using a Cole Parmer 7520-50 with a easy load 7518-00 and use 16 tubing. I pump tank water into the reactor with the pump using the input port. Are you suggesting hooking the pump up to the effluent out port?


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