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Originally Posted by CW from the OC View Post
A GIGANTIC thank you, this is most excellent! Your constant work to help many reefers is admirable.
Thank you! I appreciate it.

Originally Posted by meshwheel View Post
I am interested in the Aquarium plant gauges and their special valve and timer for about 300.00. Is it really worth that kind of money????
Yes, I wouldn't consider running a reactor without it. The digital display is questionable but if you are running the reactor with this peristaltic pump setup then I say go for it. The counter will give you a heads up to fill the bottle before it goes empty.

Originally Posted by CW from the OC View Post
The 1-100 RPM models,
.6-100rpm models will work but they achieve that speed through a gear set. So if you need 50rpm for your CaRx you will be turning the motor at 50% speed and it will generate more noise and wear. This is the reason I prefer the 6-600rpm units.

Originally Posted by Haksar View Post
Hi Mark,

To run the regulator continuously should I lower the controller ph to 6.1,will this exhaust the co2 tank quickly or cause low ph in the tank.I have my reactor set at 50ml/min and 60 BPM but would like to try your method of continuous regulator run.
Nothing will change. Right now your regulator turns the gas on and off based on the controller. You don't want to change the total amount of gas input you just want to make it so it delivers it in a steady stream. The reason you set the controller to turn the reg off if it gets to low is so that you don't mess something up. One of the easiest ways to adjust this is to operate the setup like normal and just back off the gas until it never turns off. After you get there you can change your ph lower and the regulator should just run and run at the correct delivery rate.

Originally Posted by meshwheel View Post
I sent some questions to about their super duper gauges and doser/timer. I asked if the unit was China made. The guy continually dodged the question!!!!! Not good. If he knew or thought China parts had a bad rap, he would not be dodging the questions. TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL IN MY OPINION!!!! He will not be getting my business. TOTAL MONEY GRUBBERS.....
I have set them up and ran them before without their unit, I can do it again.
Thanks for the help!
They might not have the best question answering department, especially if you sent an email but they do have the best regulator. There are other regulators on the market that are high quality, you can choose one of them but I think you will be selling yourself short over poor communication.

Originally Posted by hkgar View Post
If I understand correctly, you have your pump hooked up to the Effluent output port? I have the Korallin 1502 and am using a Cole Parmer 7520-50 with a easy load 7518-00 and use 16 tubing. I pump tank water into the reactor with the pump using the input port. Are you suggesting hooking the pump up to the effluent out port?
Yes, you can pull through the reactor by putting the pump input to the effluent output of the reactor. It will draw the effluent through the reactor the same as pushing water through it. The only difference is that if you are pushing and the reactor output gets clogged the reactor will leak water.

Originally Posted by turkeyty View Post
Good Afternoon... In the process of getting everything connected... A few questions if I may
1. With the CP pump. Can it pull from sump at 4.5' head using standard tubing?
2. Should I start at 30ml(lowest) first? system is 340g with an alk of 9 and calcium of 360....

That's all for now... Pics will follow once I'm dialed in, and many thanks in advance.

#1: Yes, These have a very high head pressure and suction. Use 1/4" John Guest poly tube for the runs and only the minimum amount of peristaltic tubing for the pump head. If you have longer runs use 3/8" John Guest poly tubing (you will get more consistent results on long runs).

#2: Measure what you are currently targeting and set the pump to that flow rate. If you are just starting up 30ml a minute is a good place to start then slowly add gas until the tank becomes stable OR you have to increase effluent flow because reactor ph is too low. Once that is the case bump effluent flow and gas flow until the tank becomes stable. If you increase effluent flow by 10% increase gas flow by 10%.

Originally Posted by meshwheel View Post
check it out guys! Brings back memories.....................
Awesome deal!

Don't think I missed anyone but if I did just remind me

Lets see some more pics!


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