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Originally Posted by AcroporAddict View Post
Stenner pumps are not bad, but you will be in for $250-$300 or so for one that is adjustable, and you can buy a used Masterflex with pump head off ebay for that amount or less.
I simply noted this because someone earlier on had mentioned buying a new Masterflex to avoid the uncertainty of R&R of used equipment. You can, of course, buy used Stenners, Rolachems, etc... for a whole lot less than they cost new.

One other option - the king of the hill in adjustable, bullet-proof peristaltic dosing pumps is Watson-Marlow. They are far more reliable and ruggedly built than CP's masterflex, and are widely used in the industry that I work in (pharmaceutical/medical). They are prohibitively expensive new, but they can often be purchased from used equipment sites and e-bay for $200-$300.

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