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Official: Masterflex Calcium Reactor Setup Thread

I purchased a 7520-25 with quick load head used from eBay ($125 shipped). Works well but it is relatively old and somewhat noisy. CP doesn't make the model but if you search for it on their site it gives you the modern equivalent. I have no large complaints other than the age and the noise.

But, I am considering purchasing a stenner 45M5 (also on "sale"). Which is adjustable from 6.6 to 131 mL/min. I have a knack for trying to purchase new gear and the old CP pump worries me some.

Fwiw, the stenner 45's and 85's use the same motor but the 45's run at 26 RPM (max. I assume) as opposed to the 85's 44 RPM. It's a safe bet to assume the 45's will be quieter. The only 45's I'd be comfortable buying are the M4 or M5 due to their volume range.

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