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Blue Sympodium Spawning???

So, I have sympodium in my tank. It's been doing its thing (veeeery slowly) for about two years now. Every now and again, when I look into the tank, I'll see a tiny blue speck floating around in the water column. I didn't think much of them, at first. I figured that they were just random little flecks of blue aquarium gravel that found their way into my system from an old water change bucket. That assumption changed today, when I saw a dozen or so floating around. They're the same color as my sympodium colonies, so I started looking at them. Sure enough, I caught one coming out of one of my colonies. Has anyone else observed this happening with their sympodium? Are these eggs, or are they some type of asexual buds that I should be gathering up and trying to grow? Whatever they are, the fact that it's happening is pretty cool.

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