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Help with Copepods, Rotifers and Phytoplankton

Hey my fellow warriors,
Im trying to sell or trade my copepods, rotifers and phytoplankton as well as aquaculture sieves in 4 different sizes to sort your zooplankton. I also help anyone that wants to, start a culture of their own. I offer great package deals and discounts meant just for us....I have also been dabbling a little with breeding as well. My Facebook page has many videos, pics, articles and links related to culturing planktonic organisms. Its live food that you can use to feed and freeze any xtra plankton for feeding later. Please check my page out. PaulsPods@PaulsPods Its free and you really need to check it out. You wont be sorry. Please message me if youd like a quote for any bugs you want or any other questions. Please post questions about any of this on the thread. I will get back to you immediately.

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