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Magnesium Levels

Here are my stats:
Alk 3.5 meq/L
pH 8.15
Phosphates <.01
Calcium 480
Nitrate 0
Sal 1.025
Mg +1500

I recently tested my Calcium for the first time in while a week ago and it was off the scale so I stop adding it with my 2-part. It is coming down, now at 480. My Mg levels never seem to come down though. I thought it might of had something to do with the high Calcium levels but after bringing it down and still not being able to bring the Mg levels below 1500 is leading me to believe that there isn't any correlation. The test kit seems like a very new one from Salifert. It actually is a Cu test box that has a sticker saying "Because we were short on boxes for Mg, we used this Cu box" something like that. Not really having any issues with the tank right now, a little hair algae is all. Any way to get the Mg down, or should I not worry about it.

Thanks, Adam

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