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Originally posted by melev
I'd like to see what yours looks like, Chris. I've been contacted many times by hobbyists in AU telling me that they can't find RO/DI systems in their country. I've always thought that couldn't be true.
G'day Marc,

No worries here's 2 pictures of mine, the first is the unit,

And the second is a close up of the tap that allows you to use or not the Di section of the filter. As it is now, I'm using the Di, turn it 90 degrees left or right and you get Ro only.

This unit comes already set-up. If you are a member of one of the marine societies, then you get a discount as well.

Here's a link for the filters, ask for Peter Howard, top bloke.

PSI Filters

And here's a link for the local Forum, and to join for the discount,

MASA,Reefing the Australian way



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