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Originally posted by mathias999us
I like it, it's really unique and different from most of the tanks we see around here. Did you ever do anything to address the possibility of the bottom cracking from the rocks?

Looks nice.
absolutely nothing. i have my fingers crossed if that counts. im planning to build a new nicer stand for the tank, and while i transfer the tank to the new stand, i may also add starboard or just epoxy the rocks where they contact the glass. im not worried about rocks falling and breaking the glass, as i don't have any rocks stacked.

and thank you for saying my tank is different. i dont like all these biocubes and nanocubes floating around. they all look so much alike that you see one and you see them all.

i forget what the acro is called, i think it had "orchid" in the name. i have to ask the person i bought it from again about the name.

as for the bulbs, you have to look online and bring them the item number to order it. if they cant do that, then there are many sites online you can order from. my bulbs are nearly two years old, and dont seem to grow the chaeto anymore. they seem to grow cyanobacteria very well so i tossed my chaeto, cleaned my sump and turned off the lights. ill restart the refuge again when i get new lights.

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