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Originally posted by Reeftanks6
Question for ya Husky_1 how long have you had your powder blue what size tank and tank mates also does he show any agression
Hey Reeftank,
I have had him now for only 2 weeks, so far so good with him. Right now his tank mates are 1 false perc, 1 line-spotted flasher wrasse, 1 female carpenter flasher wrasse, 1 solarensis wrasse and a black sail fin blenny. All of which are house in a 92 corner. His upfront swimming space is about 4 foot, also he knows his way behind the rocks, it takes him about 1 side of the tank to the other, using the back. No problems with his aggression, but he is still a little human skiddish, not too bad but when I go to feed his instinct is to go hide, he then realizes food is on the way so he comes out. His eating is really good, he eats anything put in the tank like cyclopeeze, spectra pellets, mysis, prime reef, and of course seaweed, he will eat the green but much prefers the red. BTW, I really do not intend on adding any other tangs, so I hope he remains good.

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