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this is my Zebrasoma veliferum
its the only tang in a 253g tank
fish is 7-8 inches
bought him (rather small) in 2002

I take care of another 660g tank in a hotel.
there are the following tangs in it (beside some other fish):
1 Zebrasoma xanthurum
2 Naso vlamingii
9 Zebrasoma flavescens
1 Acanthurus leucosternon
1 Paracanthurus hepatus
1 Zebrasoma desjardinii

all fish are in perfect shape

the Acanthurus l. is about 6 inches long

and one of the two nasos - they are allready more than 12 inches long...

I would never have put some of the fish in the tank which are in there and especially the two nasos (they will need a much larger tank in the end) but they where allready there when I took over.



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