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I just got my new RS80 and I think something is up with the pump.

It's extremely loud and makes a humming/whirring type sound, even when on a silicone pad. I took a look at the pinwheel and magnet and compared them to my friends RS80's and they look fine.

Also i'm really not getting any bubbles, well very few bubbles compared to my friends RS80 I borrowed when I was deciding on a skimmer.

Man, after all the trouble trying to order an Octopus NW150 and then finally saying "screw it" and picking this up, it's just so disapointing.

I know the skimmer has to break in, but it should be making a ton more bubbles.

I know it's not my setup either, as when I borrowed my friends I had the thing totally dialed it in and it was kicking *** pulling all kinds of nasty skimmate. His is also 100% quieter than mine.

Any tips on what may be the problem or what to look out for?

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