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Originally posted by melev
It sounds like the impellar isn't turning for some reason. The body of the skimmer fills up with water?

And forgive me if I'm asking the obvious, but is the venturi tubing connected to the pump (tightly) and the other end is above water?

Have you tried blowing in the tube briefly to get it started? Sometimes this is necessary.
First off, just wanted to say thanks for the replys

Yes, the body fills up with water and I get some bubbles but nothing compared to my friends pump on the same skimmer. Very few bubbles, and looks not nearly as turbulent (spelling?)

The tube is connected tightly and also free of any blockage and the end is well above water. I also tried it straight open and with the tee on a few different settings.

I also did try blowing through it, this is what a LFS guy said might work.

The pump is still very loud, hard to explain but like a loud vibration/humming type sound. I thought the pinwheel might be getting hung up on something inside the pump housing, but after a close inspection, we couldn't see anyhting that might be causing the problem.

I'm not giving up yet though!

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