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Originally posted by SparkPlug
Maybe one of you guys can help me out here....

i have a brand new RS-100 on a 75gal with a 30 sump.
I'm not 100% sure to calculate flow through the sump but the return pump is 650gph,the overflow is 600gph and the display has 3800 gph total (return included).

I've tried running the skimmer in the 6-8inches they recommend and I've also adjusted the foam level from the coupler to the recommended area in the problem is i am getting absolutely no skimmate... the tank has been running about 2weeks now curing rock... everything is in working order and the skimmer body is completely white with bubbles,..they just stay at the point i set them at and never collect any skimmate.

any suggestions ?????

i haven't contacted ER yet as i figured id ask here first.

The flow through your sump doesn't really have anything to do with the skimmer. And it is around 600gph or less, since that is what your drain can handle and your pump can provide.

If your rock is curing, the smell must be noteworthy. Odds are the water is foul enough for the skimmer to work, so perhaps the water level isn't high enough in the skimmer yet. Raise it up to within 1" of the riser section in the cup and see how that works. Let us know.

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