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i had a power outage a few days ago that lasted nearly 2 hours, and when i got home, some of my corals bleached a little. my monti cap bleached the most as you can see in the photo below. i also installed a phosphate reactor, which im using mostly carbon and 1/4 cup of PO4 remover. this may have also contributed to the bleaching, but the time frame of the bleaching and power outage puts the blame on the downtime.

i have also added two new corals, green monti digi, and a green millipora which i attached to the back of the tank with a magnet.

i bought a bunch of magnets, coated them in marine epoxy (two part i found at home depot!) and am useing them as frag mags. cant wait to see the corals encrust more and spread

then some more, random pictures.

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