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Originally posted by mikejones
Pretty nice tank, corals look awesome.. Are you dosing anything (I notice you mention are you dosing that) I ask because I think I have pretty much the same equipment with the exception of a sump I don't know if you have a sump but I do and I have 2 sps frags just to see if I can keep them in my tank(been there for 6+ months) and they seem to be dying and yours are doing great. Just wanted to know what you are doing to keep 'em alive. thanks

i dose two part. i get my stuff from too. these past few days after the power outage, all my SPS are affected. im thinking there is more than just the power outage causing problems. i have noticed my water is really freaking clear, probably due to the huge amount of carbon i have in the phosphate reactor... i am willing to bet that the increased light intensity from water clarity has fried my corals to the point of bleaching.

this whole next week, i will have the afternoons off from work, so i can focus on getting my tank back in good health.

i am also attempting to raise a batch of peppermint shrimp, ill post a link to a thread later on.

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