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i have had some unfortunate events, most of which are user error.

first, i added a phosphate reactor to my system. i added tons of carbon, and just a little PO4 remover. i was thinking that it was the PO4 i should be careful with. well, i was wrong and the sudden clarity of the water caused some corals to bleach. my monti cap had it the worse. here is a picture showing my monti cap after a 2 hour power outage.

then as if things were not bad enough, i bought some reef calcium by seachem because it was on sale. i kinda read the instructions and ignored the "use to maintain, not raise calcium" and went ahead and dosed 200 ml into my tank. this caused a massive bacterial bloom and a freak alk spike. apparently reef calcium also raises alk and fuels bacteria growth.
a thread i started can be seen here for more info on my reef calcium problems.

as i mentioned in the thread above, i have some corals that are dieing. i also lost both of my cleaner shrimp. here are some photos.

on a good note, my skimmer has been hard at work removing bacteria! i have to empty it every 24 hours because it pulls so much bacteria out. the skimmate is a thick liquid that has jelly like properties and is very slimy.
here is a picture of my skimmer 2 hours after a cleaning.

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