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Originally posted by mathias999us
That's too bad Chad. Things may recover yet though?

I find it hard to believe that the it was the carbon that would cause that dramatic of a bleaching, unless your water was REALLY yellowed/cloudy before that. I mean, I've heard of it before, but seems like a long-shot. More likely related to your power outage or the alk/Ca situation you were talking about.

You got a bunch of nice corals there. We'll have to get together at one of the meetings and trade some stuff sometime.
after i added the carbon, i thought my tank looked "different", well basically it was more clear. i had the carbon on my tank for nearly a week before the 2 hour power outage, then my corals were bleached when i got home. i have no idea what happend during the power outage, so i can only assume it was a combination of a few things that caused the bleaching.

my larger acro colony is a goner, this morning most of the tissue is gone. i will leave the skeleton in the tank and grow micro or acans on it.

today i will be buying new salt in hopes of lowering the alk, and ill be buying a cheap alk test kit in hopes that it is accurate.

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