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Originally posted by alanmorehead
I just purchased a RS250 for my 180g tank and had a quick question on the recommended water level.

The manual is generic for all models and says that the optimal water level is 6"-8". This seems kind of weird because my RS80 is 22" tall and my RS250 is 30" tall, so I figured the bigger skimmer would proportionally have a higher water level. Does anyone w/ the RS250 have any real world recommendations for the water level? Should I use 6" on my RS80 and 8" on my RS250? or just shoot for 7" on both?

I'm going to buy the same skimmer for my planned 180g as well.

I, too, am not getting any email responses from ER...

Can you do me a favor? Can you measure the height from the bottom of the skimmer to the bottom of the 90-degree elbow?

Also, are the pieces that make up that gate valve removable? Or are they glued in?


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