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Originally posted by BRabbitC
I believe whole heartedly in a well balanced diet and live feeders for me are an integral part of their diet. I personally feel that feeders help to add proper oils as well as helping to keep the immune systems nice and strong to help fight against various diseases.
A well balanced diet is the key to any animal or living entity, but to be balanced it must also be proper. Goldfish are far from proper no matter what your belief's may be as it's a scientific proof. Goldfish carry bacteria and disease that can be crossed from freshwater to marine species; their fatty acid content is saturated and extremely high where as marine species require HUFA (highly UNsaturated fatty acids). Saturated fats cannot be properly digested and are a leading cause of liver disease and premature death in marine ornamentals.

You express quite a bit of concern and dedication, so I'm sure you'd prefer to feed the proper diet and not poison your livestock.

When you find yourself in "Deep Water" it's best to keep your mouth shut!

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