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Originally Posted by Wunderpus View Post
I've successfully kept (over 1 year for all, some longer) Wunderpus, Bimacs, Blue Rings and Mimics over the years... Minus the obvious risk with the blue rings, I found them to be VERY easy to keep. Wunderpus were easy, as well. The mimics were the most personable out of the bunch, also seemed to be the most intelligent and would interact with you. I'd be glad to discuss what worked well with any of these species if you folks are interested.
Hello - I would love some advice. Hopefully this link works for my recent experience.

Biggest issue I am having is where to get a good octopus? There are Wonderpus and Mimics available now but I thought they were not as interactive. I am looking for a Bimac but can't find one.


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