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Originally Posted by kenman345 View Post
I think the refrigeration isnt the hard part, it's the portioning, timing sequences and other proper stuff involved with the system.

I wouldn't mind if we are provided an ice cube try to use in making our own foods and then the system can be modified with some switch to use a certain amount of ice cubes each feeding.

Delivery system as well must be quite interesting. if it uses a tube then it may get dirty and smelly over time, so a system to clean it would be necessary.
From the DIY versions I have seen, the mechanics and timing of the thawing is the hardest part. That could be avoided by (first) developing something for refrigerated foods. The delivery, once thawed, would be the same whether you start with frozen or refrigerated. If you keep all the lines refrigerated until they hit a system line (which means keeping the doser in the fridge) , it shouldn't need cleaning too often. I saw a refrigerated system that used a doser and then a venturi to deliver into tank that looked straightforward.

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