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With a volume of 14 G I think you can do a full change but can also depending on the amount of new rock you use if it will restart your cycle. This would be depending how long your tank was set up. And how much you put back.

With a 14g I don't think it will hurt much as long as your just test your alk before and after then I would do like 4 hours after. I noticed there is always a shift in alkalinity when I move a bunch of rock in a out. And just keep it stable.

Here is how I would do it

I would drain the tank with clean tank water. Then I would move all the fish and rock out first with clean water and leave 30% of water left in the tank. Remove all coral rock and livestock. Clean sand and remove dirty water or mix more and clean sand more [emoji23] and 30% new water to your clean sand

I would clean off all the bubbles outside of the tank. As they have spores when you pop them they spread. You can always now move rocks that have to much bubble alage into your cycle bucket or let them dry out if you can't get it all off.

Make new aquscapes and enjoy your new look. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions [emoji846]

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