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Originally Posted by CAPT_Dave View Post
+1 on the Vibrant. It didnít do much else for me but it sure did wipe out my bubble algae. Be patient, it takes a couple weeks or more but it took mine out over a year ago and I havenít seen it since. If you pop them their spores spread. Scrubbing is bad. Rescaping might not solve the problem if you donít kill all the spores.

The other problem with rescapimg is not just your nitrogen cycle but all youíre microbes. You will likely repeat the ugly phase but it could get worse than that. I went aggressive on GHA because it was smothering my coral and then got cyano. Then It was covering my coral so I went aggressive on cyano and got GHA again. This went on for months back and forth and then dinos. I unbalanced the healthy biom to the point that one of the worst plagues in our hobby became the dominant creature in my tank. Itís so bad that Iíve lost all my SPS and Euphylia. Five year old colonies wiped out in a couple weeks. Only zoas left. Iím using the Elegant Corals regimen now, which is all about rebuilding a healthy biom. Wish me luck!

Bacteria solve most of our problems. Add them. Nurture them with adequate phosphates (anything above 0) and adequate nitrates (5-10 ppm). Go slow. And research and learn how dinos can become dominant in your tank. Then donít do that.

Good luck!

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Alright, we'll use Vibrant to keep the bubble algae controlled. I'll have plenty of time next week to address the algae and microbes on my aunt's tank after I finished installing the brake pads and moto metal wheels on the truck.

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