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Bringing it back

Wow. I was 17 when this thread was started, and now I'm 22. Re-reading it reminded me just how much fun reefkeeping can be. And, in a couple months, I will be setting up this little nano once again. Same tank, same canopy, same lighting system (with a new MH bulb, of course...). I really look forward to it.

Now that I have a job (I'll be working at JPMorgan in Columbus), I'll be able to actually afford some of this equipment, unlike 5 years ago. I'm excited to get started again, and I'm just curious if anyone out there remembers this thread.

I wanted to post now, because I wasn't sure if this thread was going to get deleted for inactivity. I'll start building the tank when I start my job, in the beginning of September.

Climb aboard!


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