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Hey man, thanks for having me by tonight. Your tank setup is out of this world.

If anyone is looking for a turn-key setup, this setup is a steal. The lighting alone is worth about $1000ish?

All the rockwork is two large centerpiece pillars held up with an internal PVC rod, keeping the rockwork stable, but it's got all these outcroppings and flat areas that you can place corals on, and then at the top big complicated networks of what looks like tonga rock (old stag/acro skeletons), which is great for sticking Acros in to have them grow out like he had it. The pillars look like real reef pillars, providing a LOT of swimming room for fish (he only has tiny fish right now), lots of room for corals to grow out, and are COVERED in purple coralline.

The plumbing is incredible, really really really well thought out. An outlet with a hose barb for water changes with indicators for how much you've taken out (sort of), a TON of non-invasive returns keeping stuff suspended in the water column even at the bottom of the tank.

The lighting is all REALLY organized, with 6 canopy fans keeping the lights and tank water surface cool, all the wiring neatly tucked away. The whole lighting and fan setup is on a big slide-out rack for easy maintainance of both the lights, plumbing, and anything in the tank. Nice built-in cabinets on the inside of the peninsula style stand. The sump was really well thought out, a 38g if I remember correctly. A 38g FILLED with cheato, ASM skimmer on the drain side, then refuge with cheato, then the water return and auto-topoff area.

Seriously, if you're looking to go with a 100g+ tank, or know someone who is, then damn, this is a sweet deal.

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