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Thanks for the words Mike,
I may not have many degrees hanging on my wall, however I do have more than 20yrs of field experience working with animals and keeping our aquarium friends.

From just maintaining large reptiles, birds of prey or training the many animals I've worked; the constant denominator has always been to utilize their natural abilities and instincts.

Currently I work one of the best Narcotic Detector Dogs out there.
He has buried his competition time and time again. I know I am a good handler and would love to claim success for his accomplishments, but I can't. The dog is a natural and our training regime utilizes his natural instincts to hunt and kill. The modification is to allow him to hunt for the odor of narcotics and allow him to "kill" and posses his reward toy.

With this dog it's a manipulation for the purpose or need to fulfill a human task. With fish it is the same principal without the human need.
I refuse to keep a fish or invert to which I cannot provide a natural environment.

For anyone that doesn't know Mike and the wonderful location he has, you should check out some of his tanks and threads about the various systems he keeps.

Take care,

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