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I have read to page 2. I am going to comment assuming that the last 3 pages are the same. Good diet, clean water and garlic and whatever else makes my fish healthy. They get it only when I add fish. When the power goes out. etc etc. At the end of the day, ITS IN THE TANK. Your fish may have a resistance to it. But they still get irritated by it.

Just take the fish out. CURE THEM. KILL THE PARASITE. And then make sure to leave the tank EMPTY for 72 days. NO FISH. Keep you fish in the QT for that long. MAKE SURE ITS GONE.

Then you don't have it in your system any more.

Anything is feel good for the aquarist and a ticking time bomb for your fish.

Ick is like russian roulette. Some people just get to play the game a little longer, but everybody loses eventually.

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